Your autumn jobs checklist

Whilst summer is drawing to a close, we’re not quite ready to give up hope on the odd warm and sunny September day. But there are lots of jobs to do before the wetter, colder …

Whilst summer is drawing to a close, we’re not quite ready to give up hope on the odd warm and sunny September day. But there are lots of jobs to do before the wetter, colder weather sets in. Check out our top tips to help ready your home for the colder months and tick off those all-important autumn household jobs:

  • Boiler service – this one is at the top of our list. Call in a boiler expert now before they start to get busy over the winter months with repairs. Check for recommendations on Trustatrader or Checkatrade for qualified heating engineers in your area.
  • Gardening – deadhead your withering plants, plant your spring bulbs and add mulch to your plant beds to provide a cosy blanket for when winter rolls in. And if you’ve got any bald patches in your grass, be that from the children or grandchildren playing in the garden, or it has simply not grown so well this summer, September is the perfect month for sowing your lawn. Check out this guide on how to sow it properly from the RHS.
  • If you’re all about space-saving, it might be time to start thinking about putting your summer wardrobe away. You can get vacuum bags to pack your summer clothes in and condense them into neat little packages, ready to store away in a cupboard or under the bed, leaving you with more room for your winter jumpers.
  • Clean down the garden furniture. Consider if any items like the BBQ or tables and chairs can be stored away or covered with tarpaulin to help protect them for longer.
  • Clean the gutters. If you live in a particularly leafy area, or even if you’ve not tended to them in recent years, it’s always a good idea to give your gutters the once over. They can build up with moss, twigs and leaves, which can lead to water running down the side of your house, which could impact on your external masonry. You can get someone to do this for you, if you’re not keen on getting up the ladder.
  • Clear drains of fallen leaves – an easier, ladder-free task to tackle yourself! Simply clear external drains of any garden debris that may have gotten caught up. It’ll stop rain water causing damage to other parts of your garden.
  • Check your fences to ensure they’re still sturdy. And if you spot any breakages, it’s good to get it sorted now, ahead of the windy, wet months. It’s also a good time to repaint your fence with weather-proof paint to preserve the wood and extend its lifespan. Check out your local B&Q or Screwfix for a selection of paints.
  • Check for drafts – check around windows and doors to see if there are any gaps that let in cold air. By fixing these, you’ll help keep the heat in and you could reduce your energy bills over the colder months.
  • Bleed your radiators – it’s good to give the radiators a quick bleed to get out any trapped or excess air, and allow the hot water to fill up properly. If you’re unsure on how do this, there’s plenty of videos online, but here’s one we found from British Gas.
  • Give your carpets a clean – this is an idea time to freshen up your carpets. You can hire carpet cleaners such as RugDoctor from your local supermarket, B&Q or from The Range. Check out your local store online.

And finally, don’t forget to check your home insurance. Of course, if you’re already with A-Plan, we’ll make sure you’re fully covered. But if you’re insured elsewhere, why not give your local A-Plan branch a call? With expert advisors, we’ll make sure you’ve got the right cover in place. And, if the worst should happen, we’ve got claims handlers to help and deal directly with the insurer for you!